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About the CBDC Studio

Central banks across the globe are actively exploring the use of Digital currencies to help solve long-standing challenges plaguing the financial systems. Private sector digital currencies and stablecoins, after meeting with a great deal of scepticism from the official sector, are also starting to find traction. As a practically costless medium of exchange, digital currencies could enhance the efficiency of payments, provide for monetary policy innovation and driver greater financial inclusion. However, challenges also exist – from the potential disintermediation of traditional commercial banks to technological glitches – a new digital monetary system still has a long way to go.

From interbank securities settlement and payment systems to trade finance and retail digital currency, central banks and institutions experiment with and exploring Distributed Ledger Technology for digital currencies across a wide variety of use cases. To suport these efforts Blockchain Worx is engaged with partners and institutions to pilot an integrated CBDC platform that simplifies the issuance, distribution and management of digital currencies. Our CBDC Studio serves as a hub to explore new possibilities, forge alliances and accelerate innovation. The lab approach allows institutions to quickly understand and harness the potential of Blockchain technology for digital currencies while a sandbox environment allows us to effectively adapt the systems to local regulations and enable institutions to experiment with CBDC’s.

Join us on this journey as we enable a new digital currency paradigm and pave the future of financial markets.

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Crafting next-gen Digital Finance

A platform to quickly get started, explore use cases and leverage Blockchain technology for private sector and central bank digital currencies

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